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We are Accessible Service Dogs.

Specializing in medical and psychiatric service K9 Training

We connect people with the service dogs they need to lead a full and happy life. The waiting lists can be long and the costs high to get a service dog. We make service dogs more accessible for those in need. We help clients find dogs that will suit their unique needs and train those dogs for the tasks they require help with. We specialize in medical and psychiatric assistance.

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Our Services

Personalized Training

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Disability Needs Assessment

Identify the tasks a handler need a service dog to assist with. We focus on a range of medical and psychiatric tasks. The needs assessment helps us assess if the handlers needs are a fit for our organization.

Dog Selection

We find dogs from a range of sources, assess their personalities and intelligence, and fit them with a handler. Sometimes we can work with a dog a handler already has access to if they are capable of completing the tasks. The breed is not important, its the personality and fit that matter most. Unlike other programs that only work with one breed, we can more quickly offer service dogs to clients by being breed agnostic.

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Obedience and Public Safety Training

We train our dogs to behave in public settings and meet the needs of the Public Safety tests that may be required.

Tasks Specific Training

Service dogs perform specific tasks for their handlers. This can range from alerting to take medication or interrupting behaviour, all depending on the needs of the handler.

Walking with Dogs
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Walking the Dog

All About Us

We know how challenging it can be to access service dogs. We take a unique approach to helping people with disabilities access service dogs that will give them a full and socially integrated life. 

We work with the individual to assess their specific needs. Then we either find a dog through breeders or shelters that has a high likelihood of having the right temperament and intelligence for these tasks as a service dog. Sometimes we can work with a dog that the individual already has access to and train them to complete the tasks needed.

Sometimes the dogs don't work out as service dogs and we find great homes for them where they become very well trained pets. But most of the time the dogs selected work out for one of our clients.

We focus on specific medical and psychiatric disabilities and specific tasks that we feel we are most capable of training for. We leave the highly intense training necessary in guide dogs to other specialist programs that focus on this specific area of service dogs.

If you have a medical or psychiatric disability and your doctor thinks a service dog could help you, please contact us to discuss your situation further. 

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Contact Us

We are located in the lower mainland of British Columbia Canada. Please email us to discuss your specific needs. We work with a limited number of clients at a time but we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Lower Mainland, Vancouver, British Columbia

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